Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Flood - Wisconsin Rapids

Pictured is the beginning of the 2010 flood in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The high water levels and swift current brought thousands of people to the rivers shore to witness this historic event. The day following this photograph had a much different scene. The water continued to rise until the scene above was submerged in water, the swift currents ripped the sign at the upper left of this photograph off its base replacing it with large pieces of driftwood. This photograph was created by taking 5 photographs then stitching them together using panavue imaging software.

2010 Autumn Flood - Pittsville Wisconsin

Pictured is the historic autumn flood of 2010 in Pittsville, Wisconsin. This photo was taken near Pittsville High school overlooking River View Park. The flooded area is actually a baseball diamond. In the past I have seen this area flooded during the spring ice out but I have never seen the levels of water as seen during the 23rd of September. The resulting photograph was created by taking 5 wide and images then stitching them together with panavue imaging software.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas storm of 2009

Passing of the Christmas Storm 2009 - West Grand Avenue, Wis Rapids